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Do you have a radio or any car audio or security item that is just waiting to be installed? Give a call or come on by wE'll get you all hooked up and sounding good or secured without all the crazy extra fees!


In need of a new alarm, car audio or accessories again we can help you out come on by. Hope to see you all soon!

WE'LL FIX YOU UP, GIVE US A CALL @ 830-214-6996

James Crawford


James is the proud founder and owner of On Top Audio. He has been in the car/home audio & security industry for over 28 years. When he was younger, while working on one of his own rides, he found out that he had an amazing talent! Installing car audio, tint, and security systems! He then started doing them for family and friends which lead him to his career. He is a family man that has decided to branch out on his own, not only for himself and his family, but also for his amazing and loyal customers. He loves a good challenge, and doing custom fabrication work. If you think it, he will do everything possible to make it happen. He prides himself on his HONESTY and QUALITY WORKSMANSHIP, so much so, he offers a Lifetime Warranty on his work!

Misty Crawford


Misty is the co-owner of On Top Audio along side her husband James. Misty has been working side-by-side her husband every step of the way, for more than 20 years, and still learning daily. She is eager to learn everything there is to know, and she is very hands on! There isn't anything she can not master, being so positive and determined! She has already started perfecting the art of TINTING, and is always catching on to new tricks of the trade. She loves to interact with her customers, and really gets a feel for their wants and needs, so she can help in every way possible. She also prides herself on her HONESTY and QUALITY WORKSMANSHIP.

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